What is the Federal Fair Housing Act and what types of discrimination does it prohibit against person with disabilities?

When can a federally assisted housing provider insist on an alternative to the accommodation requested by a tenant?

What happens if a federally assisted housing provider fails to act on a request for an accommodation?

Is a federally assisted housing provider obligated to provide an accommodation to a tenant or applicant if he or she has not requested it?

When and how should an individual request an accommodation?

How do you determine whether a request for a certain accommodation is reasonable?

May a landlord charge a person who uses a wheelchair a higher security deposit because of concerns about damage to the dwelling unit?

May a recipient refuse to rent to a person with a mental disability because he is uncomfortable with the individual?

What discriminatory practices does Section 504 prohibit?

How is disability defined?

Who is protected by the law?

Are there regulations that explain what needs to be done in order to comply with Section 504?

What is Section 504?

What are the most commonly failed inspection items?

What discriminatory practices does Section 504 prohibit?

What is a reasonable accommodation under Section 504?

Who takes care of tenant-caused damages during tenancy?

Does housing authority screen tenants?

Is there a maximum income that would make me ineligible?

Is there a minimum age requirement?

What should I do if my income, family composition, or address changes before I am housed?

How do I obtain an application?

Who should I contact regarding the status of my application?

Can I apply at more than one complex?

How much will my rent be?

How long will I have to wait before I am called for an apartment?

How long will my application remain active?

How do you screen applicants?