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Is The Waiting List Open?
The waiting list is closed at this time. We have over 700 families on the list, but
we only have 280 housing units. You can go to Housing Resources, and click apply to housing,
then other housing resources to see a list of other places in this area that may have vacancies.
When will the waiting list reopen?
At this time we do not have a date to reopen the waiting list. Any updates will be posted
on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Wait List Housing Applications submitted.

Question: Now that the Wait List Application is closed can I go back in to complete my application?
Answer: No

Question: I am worried that I may have left information out of my application
Answer: If any information is needed to review your application you will receive a letter and an email from The applicant will have 21 days to submit the requested information. Failure to submit this information will make your application ineligible to be on the Housing Waiting List.

Question: When will I know if my application was accepted?
Answer: CHA is processing close to 1000 applications. CHA staff will let applicants know once processing is complete for your application.

Question: How will I receive my notification about my application?
Answer: You will receive a notification by both an email and a letter delivered by the United States Postal Service

Question: Where am I on the Wait List?
Answer: CHA does not give out this information. When an Applicant is in the third position for available properties CHA staff will contact the Applicant.

Question: How long before I can I move into CHA Housing Unit?
Answer: The present average is two years but it could be four years or longer. CHA strongly encourages Waiting List Applicants to look for other housing options.

Question: How can I keep in contact with the Covington Housing Authority and learn about housing opportunities and resources to support households?
Answer: To keep in contact with CHA, like Covington Housing Authority Facebook Page and Instagram

For Information about the Covington Housing Authority Tenant Selection Plan please view the Covington Housing Authority Tenant Selection Plan

This is an Equal Housing Opportunity open to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin