Housing Information & Studies

Housing in Newton County
A  study prepared By the Georgia Conservancy for the Covington Housing Authority


In order to more effectively advance their mission, the Covington Housing Authority (CHA), commissioned the Georgia Conservancy to assess Newton County's housing makeup, market and zoning, looking for opportunities to provide quality housing for everyone. The study included CHA's communities, including Newton County and its cities, Covington, Oxford, Porterdale, Newborn and Mansfield. 
The study includes
Chapter 1. Study Background & Scope of Work - Why are We Here, Who is Involved, What We Did
Chapter 2. Rational & Current Conditions - Why Housing Matters, How Newton Compares
Chapter 3. Data Analysis & Future Projections- Current Conditions, Housing Trends
Chapter 4. Recommendations - What Goes Where, What to do Now
View the Housing in Newton County Study here

ReThink: Why Housing Matters
 An initiative that encourages Americans to realize the benefits that public and affordable housing offer individuals, families, and the greater community
1.  Supports Families
2.  Builds Communities
3.  Fosters Education
4.  Provides Stability