The Eric Stokes Foundation sends CHA students Back to School with New  Back Packs

The start of 2022-23 was extra special for CHA families this year. The Saturday before school was back in session, the Eric Stokes Foundation, family, and friends hosted a neighborhood BBQ and distributed over 300 book bags to families. CHA staff and the Covington Police Department helped to resource the event. The officers on duty ran running races with the kids and spent time getting to know the families.

From the organization to the setup, the excellent hospitality and most importantly having CHA school students ready to return to school with great looking back packs filled with school supplies, it couldn’t have been a better day. The kids were still talking about their back packs when they dropped by the CHA summer lunch program the following week.

Eric Stokes, before being recruited to UGA and then moving up to NFL to play for the Green Bay Packers in 2021, was a resident in the Alcovy neighborhood. For CHA families, it make everyone feel good when they see a member of their community, who is enjoying great success, come “home” with their family, friends, and teammates to share their success. For CHA students, the return to school was a little easier to accept when you go back into the classroom with a book bag of school supplies given by a player from the NFL.

The generosity of Eric Stokes, his family and friends was a high point of the summer at CHA